CD Introduction to Arboriculture: Diagnosis & Disorders | Spanish


A self-paced, highly interactive series of CDs to supplement the certification study guide. Multiple students can use these CDs to prepare for the certification exam, obtain CEU credits, and upgrade their knowledge and skills. The lessons are designed for adult learners who cannot attend formal classes and nontraditional learners who respond best to visual, auditory, and hands-on teaching methods.
• Instructional strategies that simulate job tasks and promote learning transfer.

• A high level of interactivity.

• Self-paced instruction.

• Emphasis on visuals, including other graphics.

• Digital audio that enhances text.

• Intuitive navigation with clear orientation titles.

• A system of instant feedback that engages the learner.

• Quiz questions that simulate certification tests and lead to mastery of learning objectives.

• Glossary of key terms with definitions and pronunciations.

Technical procedures for planting trees, along with valuable details regarding use of fertilizers and mulching for early tree care are important lessons contained in this CD. It also contains detailed information regarding the proper techniques for improving tree survival in its early stages. (©2006)

Introducción a la arboricultura: CD Diagnóstico & desórdenes

Cubre los desórdenes abióticos y bióticos de las plantas. Contiene estrategias de diagnóstico y una hoja de trabajo que se puede imprimir. (©2005)

6 CEUs* (A, U, T, M, L, Bs)
*Estos CEUs pueden obtenerse sólo una vez durante la vigencia de su certificación.


Learn key factors and strategies of diagnosis. (©2005)

•Biotic and abiotic disorders •Systematic approach to diagnostic process
•Effects of stress on tree health •Signs and symptoms of tree disorders

Earn 6 CEUs* (A, U, T, M, L, Bs)
*These CEUs may be earned only once during the life of your certification.

Recommended System Requirements:
Windows 7, Vista, Intel® or AMD™ processor at 100MHz, 800 x 600, 16-bit color screen resolution, 32 MB hard drive space, PC only.

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